Group: The Wholesale Klezmer Band

Group: The Wholesale Klezmer Band

389 Adamsville Road
Colrain, MA 01340
The Wholesale Klezmer Band, since 1982, performs in Yiddish and Ashkenazic Hebrew, making it accessible with translations, stories, explanations, visual aids, and that universal language that speaks to your feet and makes them want to dance. We write many of our own Yiddish songs and stories that speak to contemporary concerns.

We perform music for Jewish and general audiences that expresses Jewish values of justice and peace. Introducing Jewish music and culture to young audiences of diverse, religions and races we work to foster intercultural understanding.

We perform for weddings, bar and bat mitzvah, concerts, synagogue fundraisers, and we offer on-line guides to planning these events and workshops such as, "How do dance at a Jewish Wedding." Credits include the Conference on Judaism in Rural New England, CAJE, the New England Festival of Folk Arts, the 100th anniversary of Carnegie Hall with Pete Seeger, and the Inauguration of President Clinton.

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Contact person: Yosl (Joe) Kurland
Phone: 413-624-3204
[email protected]
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